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A partnership with Code’s Thinker, a firm dedicated to keeping your systems running smoothly, is akin to relying on a skilled plumber to fix your pipes—effortless and reliable. While many firms face challenges, Code’s Thinker ensures seamless IT operations.



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Empower Your Future

We unlock endless possibilities in minds, networks, and systems to revolutionize your digital journey with Code Thinker’s transformative IT courses


Web & Applications Development

Transform your online vision into reality with our web development prowess. We specialize in creating responsive, feature-rich websites for optimal user engagement.
Digital Marketing

Market Research, Focus Groups, & Surveys

Excel in Digital Marketing with our course. Learn SEO, social media strategy, and analytics to drive online success and engagement.

Branding, Identity, & UI/UX Design

Refine user experiences in our UI/UX course. Master design principles, create intuitive interfaces, and shape digital interactions for optimal usability.
Graphic Designer

Canva, Adobe AI & Photoshop

Ignite creativity in our Graphics Designing course. Learn to craft visually stunning designs, master industry tools, and unleash artistic potential.

Application Development & Programming

Master Python programming with our course. From fundamentals to advanced concepts, acquire versatile skills for efficient application coding and problem-solving.
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Sikander Chandia

CEO | Founder
Lead the team of passionate developers, designers and the strategists with a thought.

Sikander Chandia

CEO | Founder
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Mubashir Riaz

COO | Front end developer
He is a versatile leader managing daily operations and driving front-end development for an enhanced user experience.

Mubashir Riaz

COO | Front end developer

Waseem Malik

Financial leader overseeing fiscal operations and driving search engine optimization efforts for optimal online visibility and business growth.

Waseem Malik

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Our Mission Our Vision

Simplifying Solutions, Success in Tech.

At Code’s Thinker, our mission is clear: to create effective and user-friendly software solutions. We aim to simplify complexities, offering clients reliable and innovative technology that meets their unique needs. Our commitment is to positively impact businesses through streamlined digital solutions, ensuring success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Crafting Tomorrow’s Intuitive Software

At Code’s Thinker, our vision is simple yet bold: to craft software that simplifies and elevates. We envision a tech-savvy future where user-friendly solutions redefine digital experiences. We aim to be the architects of accessible innovation, making advanced technology approachable for everyone. 

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Simplified IT is designed to help make sure you and your data is protected and your computer runs it’s best. The network Access provides is valuable.
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